Arrow boards are meant for advanced safety on the road. They are the warning signals that are used to give directions to the drivers. From the lanes to the speeds to the kind of terrain, these arrowheads tell everything to the drivers. With the help of the arrow boards it becomes easy to stay within the safe zone on the road to prevent any kind of accident. These arrow boards are of following types:

1. Trailer mounted arrow boards come in two different classifications being the Vertical-Mast arrow boards and the folding-frame arrow boards. The former type of the boards is installed vertically. They can be altered to other directions too especially when it becomes important to face the traffic directly. Today these boards are created with the materials that are the choice of the eco-friendly people. Folding frame arrow boards are an innovative way of rendering the messages on the road or elsewhere.

2. LED Solar Arrow Board Trailers work with the eco-friendly batteries that are charged with the sunlight through a self-erecting and shadow-free solar panel. Usually they come in two different light displays according to the varying number of lights used in the board. The board can have either 15 or 25 lights for the display. The LED lights installed in the board can work for up to 5 years. Some good quality LED light survives as long as 20 years. These arrow boards are used for showing directions, conveying messages etc.

3. Skid-Mounted Arrow Boards are known as the most innovative, cost-effective and power efficient way of displaying anything that you like. They are great for displaying the commercial messages on vehicles. The most appreciated feature of these boards is that they are self-powered and can be fixed to any space of your preference and in any position.

4. Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Boards are used for the transportation. They come in different sizes. They are to some extent similar to the trailer mounted arrow boards. They are made attractive with the addition of the colorful lights and bright colors so that they can be seen from distance clearly.

The arrow boards are used for a number of purposes. With different features, and sizes these arrow boards can serve a number of purposes. They are fixed along the roads for the roadside messages, on the shopping centers and commercial sites and even on the vehicle for conveying the important messages. With the passage of time the things have become more sophisticated. The technology has become a part and parcel of the arrow boards too. Now it is possible to convey all kinds of messages in an innovative way.

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